What are the Benefits of Eating Grassfed Beef?


A lot  of   cattle raisers  have stopped feeding   their cattle  with grains,  soya  and  additives.  They  have  decided   to  go back to  traditional  of way of  raising cattle,  in pastures  where can  eat  grass which is  their  natural diet.  In the traditional method, the cattle grow more naturally, are less stressed and healthier.

Nearly all  eggs, meat  and  other dairy products  that  consumers  by in markets  come  from large highly-mechanized  farms where animals are  raised  in feedlots.  Raising  animals in  this manner  makes sure supermarkets are always stocked  with  inexpensive  food, but  it can  also lead to some  problems.

Grassfed beef, on the contrary, offers many benefits.  It helps small scale cattle raisers and farmers to sustain their   farming activities.  They  don’t  have to spend  on   growth hormones,   antibiotics, supplements, machinery and  facilities.

Raising cattle in pastures benefits not only the small-scale ranchers.  Consumers are also benefitted.  Compared to cattle raised in feedlots, the grassfed beef from cattle raised on grass is more nutritious and thus healthier.  The meat of cattle, kid and lamb,  for instance, has  less cholesterol, saturated fat  and calories.

Raising animals on their natural environment promotes   the   good health of the animals.  Ruminants thrive on fiber-rich grasses and shrubby   plants and switching their diet to starchy grains   which are low  on fiber can  negatively affect  their  health. This is the main reason why raisers who fatten cattle in feedlots have constantly use antibiotics and diet supplements. This has serious ramifications   because some of these antibiotics contain elements that are also used in antibiotics for humans. When excessively used animals can develop bacteria that are tolerant to the antibiotics and contaminate humans.

Grassfed beef is also environmentally friendly.  Animals fattened in feedlots and cages produce  a great amount  of manure in very small spaces.  The waste need to be collected and dumped in places close to the feedlots to reduce transportation costs. This usually results in pollution of ground and water. On the other hand, outdoor animal raising spreads the manure over a large area. Instead of polluting, it fertilizes the ground.

Consumers who consume eggs, milk, grass finished beef and other dairy  products from animals raised in pastures  help  the small farmers  and ranchers,  the animals and  of course themselves. They’ll be eating nutritious food.

People who are careful with what they eat can buy natural beef online.  There are many websites that sell all kinds of organic and natural foods including meats.  Buying from these online web sites is  convenient because everything that people need is  available.

Unfortunately,  there are not many natural or organic food stores. People may not actually find one where they live.


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