Reasons to Start Eating Grass-fed Beef


Health is the primary consideration to look at when eating grassfed beef. We have led to believe that all meats are created equal. We have been fooled, We never gave it a thought that the feeds have a direct correlation with the nutritional value of the food. The diet is perhaps one of the crucial factors when nutrition is taken into consideration. The notion helps us to realize the top reasons to eat grassfed beef.

It is possible eating the wrong kind of meat may lead you to get cancer. There are scientists and researchers saying eating free range beef can greatly reduce the risks of cancer. There is evidence that conjugated linoleic acid may be able to help bring down the growth rate of tumors. Exclusively eating grassfed beef and organic food can bring down the risks of some cancers by providing a cloud of protection. Women with low CLA levels are more prone to risks of breast cancer, compared to women with high levels, according to a Finnish study. Rich amounts of vitamin E can also double the protection from cancer, which is also found in organic food and grassfed meats.

Free radical action may cause cancer and vitamin E can help prevent the damage from happening. Omega-3 is a huge lift for grassfed meats because it can help bring down heart problems, depression and also inflammation issues that may lead to chronic health problems. Omega-3 can help bring about better control on mental problems such as Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-3 can help people with problems with hypertension too. It is also a known fact Omega-3 can also help bring down bad cholesterol amounts in the blood. There have been some studies showing people with cancer and have a high level of Omega-3 can respond better to chemotherapy. It is in the grass that is being fed where the Omega-3 supply lies.

It is a fact that grassfed meats are leaner than those who were fed inorganic feeds. Grassfed meat are leaner because they have less calories. Meats that are fed with grass are naturally leaner thus less far and less calories as a result. Grassfed beef is generally have 100 calories less compared to grainfed beef. Obesity and overweight problems may get some solutions if people start to eat grassfed meats.

The taste is another reason to eat grassfed meat. You have to eat antibiotic free beef and compare how it can be tastier than non-grassfed meat. The aroma of grassfed meat is better than grainfed. Grassfed animals are less likely to develop diseases and reduces the need for antibiotics.

There is a lot of ways to get grassfed meats. Increasing demand is pushing for more stores to sell the product. The Internet can be a huge resource to know and how to find a meat near you.


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